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Black /Squared or White /Squared Photos

A signature look at Scott Peek Photography!

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Are you wanting to get noticed?  Looking for a portrait to stand out from crowd?

At Scott Peek Photography, we are introducing a signature look named Black | Squared or White | Squared.  A portrait that involves careful planning, custom lighting, unique cropping and carefully crafted post processing.  It is more that just your parents black and white pictures.

This unique high contrast portrait can be displayed either in a high contrast black on black, white on white, or a less than 100% saturated color tone.  With each of the two brands, this portrait style is meant for either individuals, or couples wanting to add some style to their portraits.

You can add this signature look to your family, senior or executive headshot portrait session.  By adding this unique portrait option, it does take additional time to setup, capture, and process the images. Depending on the session you choose, it will involved an extra nominal fee and will lengthen your session by up to 30 minutes.

When calling to set up your appointment, inquire about adding this look to your portfolio!


Black squared
Black squared
white squared
Black squared
White squared
Black squared white squared
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